DAZN and Movistar + buy broadcasting rights for La Liga from Spain until 2027

The OTT DAZN and Telefónica’s streaming service, Movistar +, reached an agreement with the Spanish LaLiga of soccer and acquired the transmission rights of the competition for a value greater than USD 5.5 billion. As announced by the parties, the contract will run from the start of the 2022/2023 season until the end of the 2026/2027 one.

Until now, the European platform had already negotiated with the local leagues of Italy and Germany to acquire their rights, but after this last agreement, it made history by becoming the first OTT that will compete with the telco of Spain by transmitting the most important sports tournament in the country. Once its exclusivity is taken away, Movistar + will keep three complete dates that can only be seen by its subscribers.

Regarding DAZN’s entry into the operation, La Liga explained in a press release: “The results of this trend with a disruptive configuration, in which actors with a distribution model that adapts to the reality of the market have appeared on the audiovisual scene and digital current, have caused a better distribution of content and facilitated greater access to the excitement of football by fans”.

In addition, regarding the duration of the contract, it explained: “The possibility that on this occasion the offers are for five years contributes to greater stability in the medium term and creates greater certainty among the successful bidders to invest in the content“. “In this way, La Liga matches what they already do in other leagues and major sports competitions, reinforcing their competitiveness“, the sports entity added.