Dataxis to hold new webinar on how VTR solved the TV replays gap dilemma with Liberty Latin America and Media Distillery

Going on with its webinars calendar scheduled for 2021, Dataxis will be in charge of helding  ‘How VTR solved the replay TV gap dilemma’, which will be developed in English and will take place next Tuesday, June 8th at 1:00 PM (ART). Registration is free, and can be done here.

For the development of the webinar, which will be sponsored by Media Distillery, Dataxis will gather a team of expert industry executives, like Edwin Elberg, Senior Director, Product Development, Entertainment and Connectivity at Liberty Latin America; and Roland Sars, CEO at Media Distillery.

As on-demand viewing is on the rise, viewers expect a seamless viewing experience for all content, stressing the importance of having EPG correction in place to ensure an improved UX. Typically, a TV platform starts playing linear broadcasts from the EPG-indicated start time. But TV programmes often don’t start exactly on the EPG time, which means the viewer is forced to watch the end of the previous programme or part of the commercial break. Even worse, if a programme starts earlier than the EPG time, subscribers miss out on the start of their selected show.

The aim of this webinar is to learn how VTR, part of Liberty Latin America (LLA), has deployed state-of-the-art AI-powered video analysis technology engineered by Media Distillery to correct this problem and enhance overall viewing experience for its one million cable TV subscribers in Chile.

Some of the main topics to be developed and debated during the webinar will focus on user experience challenges faced by Latin American payTV operators; matching the benchmark set by the streaming SVOD giants; what is EPG Correction, why is it being deployed and how does it work; industry forecasts, outlook and visions; and other related issues.