Dataxis to debate on how FTA TV faces the main challenges in front of OTTs monetization models

Tomorrow, at 1:00 PM (ART), Dataxis will held a new virtual panel, entitled ‘OTT combined monetization models: subscription and advertising’. The virtual event will be sponsored by Brightcove, and will feature different experts in the industry, such as Adrian Garelik, CEO at Flixxo; Cristian Andres Hernandez Rodriguez, Digital Media Manager at Canal 13 (Chile); Jose Fernando Hernandez Garcia, Digital Manager at America TV Peru, and Carlos de Aguinaga, Product Manager at Brightcove. The panel will be moderated by Maria Lucia Hernandez Frieri, International Sales Director at RCN Television. The registration for the new panel is available by clicking here.

FTA broadcasters are rolling out multiple new strategies on OTT to monetize their content, which has historically been the most attractive to Latin American audiences. First, they have started with AVOD (advertising), copying the traditional FTA model. Later, some have tried SVOD by adding premium content or valuing the catch up and VOD library. However, hybrid models are advancing in Americas. Both in a “freemium” variant that allows the flow of audience towards the subscription, as well as the possibility of having combined models: AVOD for the most popular content, premium SVOD without ads and discounted SVOD with advertising included.  Will they be viable in Latin America?

Some of the main topics to be discussed will focus on premium subscription strategies without ads; advertising solution for SVOD; freemium ad-supported models; SVOD models without ads for FTA broadcasters and content strategy & audience growth.

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