Dailymotion reached 30 content deals in Latin America

The video portal DailyMotion (owned by French group Vivendi since 2015) announced that it has signed new deals for content with Latin American media, so that it has reached a total of 30. It recently added the Spanish OTT service of movies and series Pongalo, the Mexican magazine Cambio and Guatemala’s FTA broadcaster Chapin TV.

Dailymotion already had content from Imagen Televisión, Milenio, MVS Noticias and Kiwi Limón from Mexico, Pronto Magazine from Argentina, Colorvisión from the Dominican Republic, Teletica from Costa Rica, El Nacional from Venezuela, Panamericana from Peru and the Spanish version of US’ kids channel BabyFirst TV.

Daylimotion’s Head of Latin America and US Hispanic, David Ríos, said that about a year ago the portal decided to increase its presence in the region, and that from there investments began. “Since then, traffic has increased by 20%”, he explained.