Cuba to strengthen DTT STBs production

As reported on several specialized websites in Cuba, the country’s Communications Minister, Jose Luis Perdomo Dilella, informed that the distribution of STBs for digital TV will be strengthened in the country from the second quarter of the year, especially in those areas where it is expected a greater progress in the DTT migration process.

Likewise, together with the devices distribution and marketing strengthening, Cuba launched two new HD DTT channels in 2020, and is developing other projects focused on the migration from analogue to digital TV. This way, in May 2020, 63 new STBs for this technology were installed in the country, as a result of a donation from China. Perdomo Dilella also reported that the STBs production ‘allows to replace an older technology with a modern one and the frequencies that are necessary to use to continue the development of fixed and mobile broadband of 4G and 4G Plus, as well as the coming generations’.

On the other hand, and as part of a new package of measures announced last year by the Cuban Government, the report ‘Cuba y su desafio economico y social’ was published, which also detailed the need to strengthen the sale of STBs for DTT in able stores, in addition to making the pertinent analyzes to ‘evaluate the feasibility of offering a cable TV service in places where the reachment of the infrastructure allows it’.