CRC detects minimum cord cutting impact in Colombia

The report ‘OTT services role in Colombian telecommunications area’, developed by that country’s Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC), determined that, in the last 12 months, only 2% of pay TV subscribers canceled the service and decided to migrate to OTT.

The information presented establishes that 72% of Colombians who own TVs in their homes have pay TV services. 12% of households have a DTT network, and 13% use the analog system. It also pointed out that 32% of households have a Smart TV.

In addition, the report shows that 42% of inhabitants in Colombia access to audiovisual contents through applications. This way, YouTube recorded a 38% penetration, and paid online video  services recorded 16% of households in the country, where Netflx led the segment with 15% penetration, followed by HBO Go (3% households). The document predicts that Netflix will reach more than two million subscribers this year, and establishes that 13 of every 100 subscribers to that platform access through a friend or relative account outside their homes.

‘The analysis made shows that dynamics between traditional operators and platforms is becoming more intense. Consumers have many more options and that will generate, possibly, significant changes in the coming years, so it is necessary to evaluate the evolution of these results’. explained Carlos Lugo Silva, CRC’s Executive Director.