Comteco offers additional points

Bolivia’s Cooperativa de Telecomunicaciones Cochabamba (Comteco) now offers the possibility of installing an adittional point of pay TV in another home, local news site Opinion reported.
The prices of the packages for the second home are less expensive, according to the local media. Comteco’s Commercial Manager, said that the goal is to make cable TV more accessible and that all families can enjoy the contents, especially this year with the Soccer World Cup in Russia.
The home where the service will be installed does not have to have pay TV from Comteco or another company. Only the service owner can order the second point. However, monthly invoices are issued in the name of the owner of the home where the “twin point” will be installed.
According to Gonzales, this initiative seeks to benefit young people who left parents’ house or doctors’ offices, which require cable service only at specific hours.