Comcast gives Disney full Hulu’s control

The Walt Disney Company announced yesterday an agreement with Comcast to get full control of the Hulu streaming platform. At present, Disney owns a 67% of the OTT, while Comcast has the remaining 33%. According to the announcement, Comcast will give Disney the total control over Hulu, but will continue to participate for at least the next five years.

Apart from that, in five years, Comcast may force Disney to buy its 33% Hulu’s part for a minimum price of USD 9,000 million. To the agreement for the sale of the platform, it is also added that the NBC Universal channels will remain in Hulu for five years, and Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform will officiate as  Hulu’s distributor.

NBC Universal may withdraw most of its Hulu properties over a three-year period and, when it launches its own platform to the market, it will be authorized to display some of the contents that belong to Hulu.