Coloral TV joins Argentine Pay TV programming grid in April

Coloral TV, the Argentine TV channel focused on lifestyle content, will be available from next April 1st on Argentine’s pay TV operator Telecentro, on channel 515. Their offer includes weekly premieres, special programs and VOD content to watch from computers, cell phones or tablets. The monthly subscription costs  USD 3.6, with the first month for free.

The channel started its broadcasts in 2017 through Facebook Live, and caught Argentine operator Telecentro interest, which will include it in its programming grid from April, with a new interactive format  with watchers, and will also implement a more current language from its content, communication and staff.

‘The most important thing is that we made a reverse path to what channels do. We started on social networks, we became strong and then we went to the TV. It is going to be an interactive channel, that does not remain in ‘a new Utilisima’, said Luis Muchut, general director and creator of Coloral TV brand.