Colombia withdraws convergent regulator bill

The Colombian Congress withdrew the bill for the creation of a single convergent regulator, which had been presented by the ICT Ministry. The initiative had been questioned by public TV channels.
The project proposed to create a single regulator by merging the National Television Authority (ANTV) and the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC). According to El Tiempo, the government requested to withdraw the project because it considered that it put public TV at risk. The Congress voted and accepted the request.
The project was questioned for proposing the unification of the Fund for the Development of Television (Fontv) and the Fund for Information and Communication Technologies (Fontic). At this point, several regional channels and RTVC expressed their concern about the lack of funding of public TV. One of the challenges to the proposal was the reduction of the contribution paid by private operators to 1.96% of revenues.
Ángela Mora, director of the National Television Authority (ANTV) said that she was satisfied with the decision, since the changes made to the project affected public TV. “We are happy because we have guaranteed the sustainability of public television, a new government begins, there are a number of studies that were made from the Authority, the new minister must study the subject and the discussion is open,” the executive said.