Colombia to move forward with DTT transition during soccer World Cup

Colombia’s National Television Authority (ANTV) wants to take advantage of the soccer world cup, the event that drives the sale of TV sets, to inform the population about the advantages of DTT, said in an interview with La República, the director of the National Television Authority (ANTV), Angela Maria Mora. The analog switch-off is scheduled for December 2019. Currently, DTT coverage has reached 85% of households and the goal is to reach 100% during 2018.
“This is a key year. We are going to take advantage of the celebration of the Soccer World Cup, which is when people massively buy TV sets, to let them know the advantages of DTT”, said the executive.
Currently, digital TV covers the main 23 of the country. “The goal is to end the year with the entire territory covered by this new technology,” Mora said. In addition to the development of infrastructure, the entity is carrying out a campaign an active information campaign “for people to understand better the benefits of DTT. Last year, we did 11 campaigns around municipalities throughout the Colombian territory.”
The executive emphasized that digital TV will not compete with free-to-air TV and it will act as “a complement”. Colombia selected the ISDB-T standard for DTT. In August 2017, the ANTV and the European Union (EU) began the implementation of cooperation agreement to support migration to digital terrestrial TV. The agreement includes an investment of €8 million (USD 9.8 million).