Colombia delays analog blackout for 2021

Analog blackout had to take place in Colombia next December 31st But, according to the National Telecommunications Commission (CNTV) of that country, the deadline can not be met. ‘The country is ready to regulate the blackout, but there is still a need for people, beyond receiving  DTT connection, to know how to use it and take advantage of it’, the entity reported.

National Radio Television of Colombia (RTVC) comes up with an additional solution, which would provide greater coverage and improve DTT quality reception in homes. ‘The plan and resources are approved,  ANTV manages them and the execution begins’, said Mariana Viña Castro, National Television Authority (ANTV) director, and added that ‘the execution of that phase supposes that the deployment is given beyond 2019, and they calculate it for 2021’.

As a result, a regulatory project was initiated to extend the date to stop analogic broadcastings  and make RTVC proposal possible. ‘There can not be blackout if deployment is not complete’, said Viña.

According to ANTV director, it is expected to begin DTT migration during  this first term 2019, through a pilot plan to carry out the blackout in five municipalities. ‘Blackout’s deadline could be thought with the  development ending, which would be in 2021, but it is not conditioned’, said Viña.