CNTV joins the streaming market with CNTV Play

Chile’s Consejo Nacional de Television (CNTV) is also joining the streaming market with its new OTT, which it called ‘CNTV Play’. Although some specialized websites in Chile reported that the official launch will be in November and will be offered for free, there is already a web version of the OTT available.

In dialogue with the Chilean newspaper ‘El Mercurio’, Catalina Parot, CNTV’s President, reported that, initially, the OTT will gather ‘130 productions, of which we have available the rights for the entire Chilean territory, both for adult content and for children’. The executive explained that the rights to the different productions belong to the TV channel that airs them for a two-years period, and then they are released.

As reported from the web version of CNTV Play, access to content requires a previous registration. The available content is categorized into ‘Non-Fiction’; ‘Series’; ‘Children content’; ‘Documentaries’ and ‘Microprograms’. Some of the titles available on the platform’s web version are ‘En movimiento’; ‘En la ruta del libro’; ‘Nuevo mundo: pintura callejera en América Latina’; ‘Niños Inmigrantes’; movies like ‘La mujer del cuadro’; ‘La voz en off’ and ‘Todos juntos’; and even premieres.