CNN launches its brand in Brazil and defines its new studios location

CNN Brazil, which is expected to start operating in the country during this year’s second half, launched its brand in the country and reported that it will establish its offices and studios on Paulista’s Avenue, in San Pablo. The logo includes the traditional CNN’s design, with the word “Brazil” under, created by the designers team that work in the channel Atlanta’s headquarters, in the US.

‘The CNN Brazil’s brand strictly follows the specific features that are used worldwide, such as color, size and layout. Shape allies itself with the broadcaster’s values, being the only source of news that gives information, inspires and encourages our world’s in-depth knowledge’, as reported in an official statement by the company.

Douglas Tavolaro, CEO of CNN in the country, said that ‘launching the new logo with the words ‘CNN’ and ‘Brazil’ combined is a significant step in this moment of the network’s Brazilian territory implementation’.

CNN Brazil will be available to pay TV subscribers as a 24-hour channel, and through digital platforms. It will also have news agencies in San Pablo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, as well as correspondent journalists abroad.