CNN Brazil to launch TV Everywhere platform this year

CNN Brazil, which in a few days will be celebrating the first year since it was officially launched, is working on its plans to launch a new OTT platform. The channel was officially launched on March 15th, 2020 on most pay TV operators in the country, and it also plans to release a new TV Everywhere platform this year.

As reported on several specialized websites in Brazil, according to Douglas Tavolaro, CNN Brazil’s CEO, ‘there is a great demand for a channel focused on journalistic content among streaming platforms subscribers’. Also, according to Tavolaro, the launch of CNN Brazil via streaming will keep the same relevance as the TV channel, already in operations. ‘We believe in pay TV and we support current distributors. They play an important role in democratizing information’, reported the executive. Likewise, in addition to being available as part of pay TV operator grids, CNN Brazil is also on YouTube, where its official account, as reported by the specialized website Telaviva, reports 1.38 million subscribers and 34.6 million views of live and on demand content.

In February 2020, CNN Brazil announced on its official social networks that it will launch a TV Everywhere platform, called ‘CNN Brazil GO’, as part of its multi-platform strategy. In addition, during 2020, CNN Brazil also opened two other business units: ‘CNN Rádio’, and ‘CNN Eventos’, specialized in holding corporate and thematic events, with exclusive content production.