Up Close with Al Jazeera Media Network, proud sponsor of Future Ad Africa

Samir Ibrahim, Director of Commercial Global Brand & Communications Division at Al Jazeera Media Network will be a speaker at Future Ad Africa, on March 14th at the Sandton Convention Centre. Samir shared with us on how Al Jazeera provides the ideal advertising platform for African Brands looking to grow globally.

He was asked about the positioning of the company in Africa and to elaborate on its main activities. Samir said, “Al Jazeera is a Global News and Information Network, which strives to cover the under reported world with rich heritage and human stories. We continue to give a voice to the global south, which enriches our editorial output. We at the Network practice in depth journalism by empowering local talents and film makers from the continent. For African brands Al Jazeera is an ideal platform to reach influential International audiences.”

Furthermore, he explained that part of Al Jazeera’s new initiatives, is to connect African brands to investors and consumers in addition to promoting tourism. The results that they have had with selected brands are very promising. As part of their growth strategy, they are making the contentment at the centre of their plans. Going forward they are looking at building deep partnerships with progressive businesses in the continent with a key objective of supporting their growth.

We asked Samir about the advertising opportunities (TV and Digital) that exist on the African continent for Aljazeera. He said, “The African Television market is one of the key growth markets for Al Jazeera and maintains its value in terms of building Brand Equity. With exponential growth in digital and social platforms, it is presenting a strong tool for activations and conversion. Both mediums are very powerful and influential; we are working on a multi prompt strategy to capitalise these opportunities and to provide our partners best exposure on the global arena.”

“Our approach to business is partnership driven, our goal is not just to have TVCS’ or display ads on our properties but to support the goals of the Brand in communicating its values and USP’s to audience. Al Jazeera is one of the most trusted and reputable brands; a large segment of our audience consists of the most influential and affluent people in the word. For African brands looking to grow globally, Al Jazeera provides the ideal platform. The Network is a multi-platform publisher reaching global audiences through virtually every significant platform. Many of the Brands that we work with are return clients and have benefited from our partnerships for number years. Advertising with the Network has provided our partners and brands substantial global exposure and growth in their businesses. Our clients cut across various sectors ranging from tourism, airlines, financial products to NGOs.” he added.