Claro to invest almost USD 182 million to expand FTTH distribution in Puerto Rico before the end of the year

According to the information reported on specialized websites, the telecommunications company Claro Puerto Rico (America Movil) announced a USD 182 million investment for this year, with the aim of doubling its mobile network’s capacity, extending its 5G coverage, expanding fiber optic distribution, and other initiatives.

Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, President & CEO at Claro Puerto Rico, explained to the specialized website ‘El Vocero’ that the investment will be used to deploy the largest FTTH network, which, according to what the company forecasts, will benefit more than 450 thousand homes and businesses for end of the year. In addition, Ortiz explained that, also before the end of the year, the company plans to have 5G coverage in all municipalities. According to the executive, the expansion of the mobile network included doubling the 5G capacity and coverage in over 860 antennas around the island.

‘Claro’s investment for this year is over USD 180 million, which, basically, will go to the fixed and mobile businesses. We want to continue the deployment of  fiber to the home and businesses’, said Ortiz, and then added that Claro is ‘the company that has the largest FTTH offer throughout the island’. 

Regarding the reasons for the investment, Ortíz explained that ‘with the FTTH offer, customers can reach an upload speed similar to the download speed’. In addition, the executive said that ‘the upload is very important to satisfy the new needs of clients. Before, they only needed a download speed to watch videos and navigate, but now, with telecommuting, uploading is necessary’.

In addition, Ortíz highlighted that Claro’s FTTH offer guarantees continuity if there is an interruption of the electricity service. ‘If the customer has a generator, the internet service will remain active and continuous’, he emphasized.