Claro Sports strengthens 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games coverage in Latin America with Applicaster

Pay TV channel Claro Sports (America Movil) announced that it has launched apps for Apple TV and Android TV devices, with the aim of strengthening its Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games coverage in Latin America. For this initiative, Claro Sports chose the Applicaster‘s app management technology, in order to extend the event’s distribution in the region, which will be held between July 23rd and August 8th.

According to the information officially reported by Applicaster, the apps will allow users  access to four channels focused on the Olympic Games, with programming guides so that those who access can find events aimed at the sports disciplines they want to watch. In addition, after the closing ceremony, Claro Sports will share its exclusive programming based on its Latin American audience’s favorite leagues and teams.

‘We made the decision to bring a great experience for fans of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. For this reason, we added TV apps to be able to offer them more immersive entertainment for free. We chose Applicaster to launch our first TV apps because they had a strong history with sports apps and offered the most flexible technology to launch the Olympic Games in 17 countries, allowing us to later update the app to share new sports’, reported Jose Antonio Aboumrad, CEO at Claro Sports.

Laura Tapias, VP Americas at Applicaster, has also expressed herself on the new partnership with Claro Sports and said that the company is ‘very proud to promote Claro Sport’s digital distribution strategy for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and we are very happy to have served their needs in the required period of time and with the rigorous quality standards that were demanded’.

The partnership with Applicaster is added to the coverage of the Olympic Games that Claro Sports will offer on pay TV and YouTube in several Latin American countries, officially announced days ago.