Claro launches new ‘Claro Box TV’ STB in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

The telecommunications company Claro (America Movil) has recently launched  its new ‘Claro Box TV’ STB in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo). The launch had been announced at the end of July by several specialized websites in Brazil, including Tecnoblog, which had access to the device handbook.

According to the specialized website Telaviva, plans offered to access content through the STB are valued at R$ 20 (USD 3.5); R$ 49.9 (USD 9) and R $ 119.9 (USD 21.5). This last package includes a 240 Mbps broadband offer. Also, according to the specialized website Minha Operadora, after the first six months, the value of the plan will be R$ 139.99 (USD 25). The first plan includes the device and access to Now and Claro Video (other websites also report that it will also be possible to access Claro Music). Other applications can also be accessed, but must be hired individually. The second plan includes access to around 50 channels, including Fox Sports, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and others, according to the information reported by Minha Operadora. In addition, plans offer access to local Brazilian channels.

‘Claro Box TV’ also allows access to other platforms, such as Netflix, Starzplay, Paramount+, Looke and others. Globo services, such as Globoplay, Telecine Play and Premiere, in addition to linear channels, will not be available on Claro’s new STB. The STB is delivered to  customers, who must install it on their own. The device works with 4K quality, allows to watch content broadcast up to seven days ago, as well as record content to watch it at the time that users want to. Another highlight is that Claro Box TV can be moved anywhere with Internet access. In addition, the STB remote control accepts voice commands, making it quick and easy to find content.