Claro launched new eSports platform in Brazil

Claro announced the launch of Claro Gaming in Brazil, new platform aimed at gamers and eSports fans. The project comes after a partnership between Claro and BBL, an entertainment company focused on eSports and the gamer universe. 

‘It is a gamer products, for gamers’, said Marcio Carvalho, Marketing Director at Claro Brazil. The new platform, according to the executive, will be ‘a new way of interaction with gamers’, with up to 500 megabytes internet connection speed, both in indoor and outdoor locations. Claro Gaming also includes several benefits for those who are part of the gamer universe, such as discounts on game brands, exclusive presales on eSports events organized by BBL in Brazil, monthly bonuses and raffles to travel to gamers events. 

‘Today, the gamer world fills stadiums. In Brazil, that market has already raised USD 1.5 billion. In audience terms, we are only surpassed by the US and China’, added Carvalho. Claro Gaming is available on, and Claro’s customers in Brazil can access with Claro ID. The platorm’s monthly subscription is R$40 (USD 9.8).