Claro Brazil questions in Anatel direct-to-consumer from Pay TV Networks

Pay TV operator Claro made a formal presentation to Anatel, in which it questions direct-to-consumer models that Fox and Turner are carrying out. According to Claro, these two operators would be offering a similar service to the SeAC (conditioned access service), and that is the reason why they should be obeying the same legal and tax obligations.

José Félix, CEO of Claro Brasil, made a difference  in media interviews between Netflix models, which focus only on VOD, with those of Turner and Fox ,that include live content and linear services, so similar to a conventional pay TV one.

Anatel is studying the presentation and a close pronouncement from the Brazilian regulator is not expected. If Anatel decides Direct to Consumer fits in 12.485/2011 Seac’s  Law, traditional networks will need to replan their strategy and, whit this, this model, increasingly common in other markets, will be locked for the Brazilian law.