Claro aims to develop eSports in Peru through Claro Gaming

With the aim of promoting electronic sports in Peru, Claro presented the new Claro Gaming platform, in partnership with the Professional Videogames League (LVP) and that country’s El Comercio newspaper, to meet and promote all the Peruvians gamers communities talent. In addition, this year they will also develop the first League of Legends Professional League together in the country, called the Claro Guardians League.

‘As a telecommunications company, we also promote connectivity to enable communication and entertainment for people in an environment influenced by the videogame industry. This new platform (Claro Gaming) allows us to add our contribution to make the dream of those who share this passion in a healthy way come true, and to promote players who represent us worldwide’, explained Miguel Espinosa, Image Manager at Claro Peru.

In addition, Juan Diego Garcia, Country Manager at LVP, informed that Claro Guardians League will offer Peruvian teams USD 8,500 in prizes, and said that it represents the only opportunity to be promoted to the League of Legends regional competition league. On the other hand, for the project to have greater diffusion, five influencers of the gamer area were invited, who will work with Claro to reach a greater number of talents in the country. They are Oscar Soto, Statik Gamer, Gabu, Umi Hyu and Retro Toro.