Cisneros consolidates its Pay TV brands under VePlus

Entertainment company Cisneros Media announced it will begin its pay TV brands consolidating process throughout VePlus, starting next February 11st. VePlus is Cisneros Media’s international subscription TV network, which is available in 19 Latin American countries and in Spain.

‘With this new image and brand consolidation we want to capitalize on success that VePlus has had in Latin America with a family programming, which presents a high affinity in over 25-year-old woman. This consolidation will allow us to have a more efficient communication strategy. By half 2019, VePlus will be available in more than 15 million homes’, said Carlos Cabrera, Cisneros Media’s pay TV Sales Vice President.  

In addition, Jonathan Blum, president of the company, pointed that ‘we began VePlus refresher and relaunch in Latin America some years ago and we have continued working to create relevant and high quality content for our networks’. He also reported that in 2018 Cisneros Media produced more than 1,000 hours of subscription TV networks and, by 2019, it is expected to surpass 1,200 hours.

‘We will continue working with separated feeds but with a consolidated brand. This way, we can properly serve our advertisers and adapt programming to each territory preferences’, he added.