CinemaChile expands CNTV series internationally

Chilean National Television Council (CNTV) announced a strategic alliance with CinemaChile to promote local series in international markets. The aim of the agreement is focused on CinemaChile to support this initiative’s diffusion and promotion in markets such as Mipcom (France) and Conecta Fiction (Spain), which will be focused in Chile this year. In addition, CNTV will allocate USD 4.64 million this year in Chilean TV contents production.

Another news from CNTV Fund 2019 will focus on expanding its projects towards women rights issues, gender equity, child-youth audiences and scientific-educational plans. “Although this Fund has always focused on promoting gender equity issues, this year we wanted to incorporate especially women’s rights in the projects to be awarded, “said Catalina Parot, CNTV’s President.

The CNTV Fund will also reward 30% of projects that come from no Metropolitan area regions,   according to the request made by the Mixed Budget Committee. The line of programs of local or local community origin will also be reintegrated, and microprograms and short series applications will be allowed.