Cinelive will broadcast the Superbowl Final in Brazilian cinemas

Cinelive, a company of the Brazilian group Casablanca, leader in satellite transmission in its country, confirmed it will broadcast next Super Bowl Final next February 3rd in more than 110 movie theaters in Brazil.

It is the sixth consecutive year that Cinelive and ESPN  work together to put on the air one of the most important sporting events globally in Brazilian cinemas. In 2018, there were about 12 thousand people who enjoyed the event in the whole country.

Cinelive is owned by Casablanca Online and Casablanca Group. In entertainment market terms, Cinelive also covered other events, such as the Uefa Champions League Final, the South African Football World Cup  and some opera and theatre plays. It was developed in 2009 to take advantage of digital and 3D cinema evolution.