CINE.AR PLAY aims to become integrated to pay TV operators in Latin America

CINE.AR PLAY, the free VOD platform of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) of Argentina, wants its catalog to be distributed by pay TV operators in the country and abroad.

‘CINE.AR PLAY’s integration will be done in two ways: the firstone will be from its integration via API with different operators in Argentina and Latin America, and the second one is being developed from agreements with Argentine telecommunications companies, so that they constitute a ‘showcase’ more to reach the audiences with the Argentinean premieres in transactional format’, explained to Nextv News Karina Castellano, INCAA’s Media and Audiences Manager. She also expressed that, once the agreements for transactional releases are operational in Argentina, an international launch will be expected ‘before the end of the year’, according to what she said.

CINE.AR PLAY records 1.4 million subscribers in total, of which 100 thousand are located outside Argentina. In addition, Castellano explained that in the country a transactional window was included, with premieres  exhibited in the main movie theaters, which remain on the platform for eight weeks.