Chivas could broadcast its football matches only through OTT

Almost three years after the launch of its OTT platform, Chivas TV, which exclusively broadcasts Club Deportivo Guadalajara – known as “Las Chivas” matches – could offer its exclusive content through the platform. José Luis Helguera, CEO of Omnilife Group, said that model in which Chivas TV operates today is not the definitive one.

‘We have a very solid platform. It will be interesting if in the following years we return to a closed universe or not. Today we are ready to challenge us if we decide to go exclusively to the platform’, he said. In addition, in a conference at the Sports Anti Piracy Summit in Mexico City, he expressed that Chivas TV has ‘a robust model, which allows to plan the OTTs development for the following 10 years ’, and warned that Chivas TV has the plan and infrastructure to diversify the content and not only broadcast football.

Amaury Vergara, Guadalajara Club Vice President, also stated in the Sports Anti Piracy Summit that the purpose of Chivas TV is to “innovate in what is our responsibility  and meeting the global demands or the global trend”. And he also said that “we are making sure that the largest number of people can watch Chivas and this last step we took (the launch of the OTT) was the most relevant’, he concluded.