Chinese OTT IQIYI launches Spanish version

Several specialized websites confirmed the launch of the new version for IQIYI, Chinese OTT that offers a catalog of series, movies, programs and animes subtitled in Spanish and, currently, as confirmed by the Spanish newspaper ‘El País’ web version, records 119 million subscribers, and is also available in Europe and Latin America.

The IQIYI website shows an interface completely in Spanish, with a catalog of Asian content, all with various subtitling options, including Spanish and other languages ​​such as English, Korean, Thai, Arabic, and others. Apart from its web version, it is possible to access the platform through apps for iOS and Android.

Officially launched in 2010, IQIYI is owned by the Chinese technology company Baidu. In 2017, the platform ran an agreement with Netflix to host original series of Netflix in China, which, according to ‘El Pais’, was valid until last year.

IQIYI offers three different ways to subscribe and access its contents: a free plan, with advertising; another called ‘Standard Vip’, available for USD 3.99 per month, and another called ‘Vip Premium’, without advertising, for a USD 7.99 monthly subscription. Both paid options offer a free initial trial month.