China to offer satellite TV to 500 villages in Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, representatives of the Chinese government have just launched the local part of the project to offer satellite television to 10,000 African villages. The Ivorian part of the initiative will see 500 villages receiving the necessary infrastructure to receive the bouquet of clear channels provided by the project.

As part of the project, technicians from StarTimes, China’s technical partner for the project, will install satellite dishes and provide 20-home decoders in each village. For the maintenance of the equipment, the pay-TV operator trained young Ivorians who will take care of the repair of all equipment in case of breakdowns.

Launched in 2015 and targeting 25 countries on the African continent, the Chinese initiative has already allowed many villages in the continent, Benin, Senegal and Nigeria, for example, to access satellite television.