Chilean University and Colo Colo arrive at Argentina and Brazil

Chilean Football Channel (CDF) will broadcast for the first time the football match between teams Chilean University and Colo Colo -considered one of the most important sporting events in the country- in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Apart from CDF HD, CDF Premium and Estadio CDF, the football match can be watched on TNT Sports in Argentina, and Esporte Interativo in Brazil, through the Esporte Interativo Plus application, which records about 350 thousand subscribers.

‘We know how important this football match is and we want to give it added value through this special broadcasting. Our commitment is to make Chilean football to move towards the rest of Latin America, because we believe it has a lot of potential. CDF’s  high quality standards allow us to turn this football match into a world-class TV product’, said Sergio Nakasone, Content Development Director at Turner Latin America.

The football match is taking place this Saturday, May 18th at the Chilean National Stadium. CDF will develop a pre-match broadcast that will begin at 10 AM Chilean time, and can be watched on CDF Basic and the channel’s Facebook account. During the match, its broadcast will have augmented reality issues, such as statistics and comparisons between both teams players. Apart from that, CDF will develop an 18 cameras equipment and one drone to this special event.