Chile strikes major blow against piracy

Chile’s Crime Investigation Brigade of Intellectual Property arrested at least 10 people that were illegally delivering content from pay TV programmers. The operation is considered one of the most important in the region in the battle against piracy. The Chilean authorities carried out this action based on a criminal complaint filed in 2017 by Fox Networks Group (FNG) Latin America.
The illegal organization offered services to more than 50,000 user accounts in several countries in Latin America, including Argentina and Ecuador. They did it from a space that functioned as a “laboratory” in the district of Lo Espejo, in the metropolitan area of Santiago, using the IKS (Internet Key Sharing) system and IPTV devices.
In a statement, FNG celebrated the result obtained in the operation, which it considered as one of the most important in Latin American history in relation to the protection of intellectual property.
Daniel Steinmetz, Chief Anti-Piracy Officer of the group described this action as “exemplary”, which demonstrates “how the joint work between the industry and the Latin American authorities allows taking firm steps in the fight against piracy”.
The executive said that “FNG Latin America works constantly against this scourge by promoting a policy of zero tolerance against all those who use our content without authorization.” Steinmetz also said that they have already presented “actions in different countries against other criminal networks with similar modus operandi.”
On the other hand, Gianpaolo Peirano, Legal Director at DirecTV, highlighted the coordination of the various institutions involved and assured that it was “one of the most important judicial-police operatives we have had against piracy”, according to a statement sent to FayerWayer.