Chile: Chamber of Deputies passes project to broadcast soccer games on FTA TV

The Chamber of Deputies of Chile approved – with 74 votes in favor and 50 against – the “Goles para todos” initiative that seeks to broadcast national soccer games on free-to-ar TV. Now it will go to the Senate.
The project includes the broadcast of one match a week of series A and B of the national tournament, and two of the national women’s league per month, reported La Tercera. According to the initiative, the channels may agree with the clubs a participation in advertising sales. In addition, the transmission of matches must be agreed between the National Association of Professional Soccer (ANFP) and TV broadcasters.
Deputy Marisela Santibañez said, “this is a right that is returned to the Chilean people” and mentioned that the two monthly games for women’s soccer “greatly benefits the activity, because it is a battle that women of soccer have had.”
However, the ruling party rejected the initiative. Deputy Andrés Celis said, “the ANFP owns the rights and if the State wants soccer games to be transmitted, it will have to pay,” AS Chile reported.