Channel 13 and TVN brings the American Cup to Chile

After a successful experience at the Viña del Mar Festival, Chileans Channel 13 and National Television (TVN) will broadcast the American Cup 2019 edition through the Simulcast system. The Chilean National Team was the last champion of the competition, which will be developed this year during next June 14th and July 7th in Brazil.

‘It is great news for all football lovers that Channel 13 and TVN have ran this agreement to broadcast this next American Cup in Brazil. It will be a more-than-three weeks period with the best Southern Cone football. We will broadcast all the matches together, adding to two experienced sports areas, which makes sure a wonderful event and with high quality broadcasts’, said Marcelo Hilsenrad, Channel 13’s Programming and Production Director.

From TVN they have also expressed themselves on the agreement. Jaime Botsch, the channel’s Programming Director, said that they are ‘proud to bring Chileans a relevant event like it is the American Cup. Together with our human and technical team, we will put all the experience and enthusiasm, so that in every Chilean corner we can live this sports party. We are sure that this agreement will bring all our country together around and event that joins us’.