Cell C suspends Black’s linear channels

Cell C has suspended the linear channels of its video streaming service Black, as it enters negotiations with content providers. Customers of Black will continue to have access to music, series, and movies – even though linear channels have been temporarily suspended.

“Cell C has in recent months made some important business decisions to ensure that the company establishes itself as a strong and competitive player in the industry,” it said.

Cell C has made a decision to review Black’s content strategy, in particular its linear channels and has now entered into negotiations with its content providers.

“Content remains part of the broader strategy and will continue to be offered, albeit in a different format,” Cell C said.

According to Cell C CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson, they are taking steps to right-size the business, focusing on revenue generating activities and cutting costs where necessary.

“Our decision to reconfigure our product and services is part of putting the business on the right track,” said Stevenson.

“We need to move forward based on a roadmap that is robust, profitable and in the best interests of Cell C and its customers.”