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Brazilian Campeonato Carioca launches with a combined premium pay TV, FTA TV and OTT model

The Rio de Janeiros Football Federation, located in Brazil (FERJ), is launching new models to broadcast the Campeonato Carioca, a professional football league whose 2021 edition began this week and brings together the main clubs in Rio de Janeiro. The competition can be watched both via OTT, as well as on pay TV and FTA [...]

Globoplay lanza nuevo plan en Brasil con canales de Globo y Premiere

El Grupo Globo de Brasil ha anunciado días atrás que su SVOD OTT Globoplay, que se lanzará en Europa este año, ha habilitado un nuevo paquete de contenidos para sus suscriptores, que incluye canales de TV del Grupo y el acceso a Premiere, una serie de canales de TV paga que transmiten varios campeonatos de [...]

Globoplay launches new plan in Brazil with Globo and Premiere channels

Brazilian Globo Group has recently announced that its SVOD OTT Globoplay, which will be launched in Europe this year, has enabled a new content package for its subscribers, which includes the Group’s TV channels and access to Premiere, a series of Pay TV channels that broadcast various football leagues that take place in the country, [...]

Partidos del fútbol argentino volverán a emitirse en TV abierta

Según reportaron en diversos websites especializados de Argentina, algunos partidos de la Liga Profesional de Fútbol de ese país volverán a emitirse en TV abierta, a través del canal TV Pública. De acuerdo a la información reportada este jueves 25 de febrero, representantes del Gobierno del país alcanzaron un acuerdo con Disney -uno de los [...]

Argentine Professional Football League’s matches to be broadcast on FTA TV again

As reported on various specialized websites in Argentina, some matches of the Professional Football League in that country will be broadcast on FTA TV again, through the TV Publica channel. According to the information reported this Thursday, February 25th, executives from the countrys Government has reached an agreement with Disney – one of the owners [...]

Discovery and Saudi Telecom Company enter a new long-term strategic partnership for discovery+ in MENA

stcs media arm, Intigral, will provide its Jawwy TV subscribers access to discovery+ content in a branded area and will also offer the full discovery+ service for 12 months when signing up for an a la carte add-on subscription. Discovery+s offering will include 4,000 hours of on-demand content featuring original and global shows such as [...]

Turner se niega a ceder partidos de la Liga Profesional de Fútbol Argentino a la TV abierta

Según reportaron varios websites especializados de Argentina recientemente, dirigentes de la Asociación del Fútbol Argentino (AFA) -ente rector del fútbol en Argentina-, el Gobierno del país, Turner y Disney se reunieron esta semana y finalmente no lograron llegar a un acuerdo para que el canal de TV abierta argentino TV Pública pueda transmitir partidos de [...]

Turner refuses to assign Argentine Professional Football League’s matches broadcasts on FTA TV

As recently reported on several specialized websites in Argentina, leaders of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) -football regulator in Argentina-, the countrys Government, Turner and Disney met this week and finally failed to reach an agreement so that the Argentine FTA TV channel TV Publica0 can broadcast matches of the country’s Professional Football League on [...]

Gobierno de Argentina reitera intenciones de transmitir partidos de la Liga Profesional de Fútbol en la TV Pública

De acuerdo a la información que reportó el website oficial del diario argentino La Nación el 13 de febrero, el Gobierno de Argentina realizó un pedido formal a TNT Sports y Fox para emitir partidos de la Liga Profesional de Fútbol -que comenzó oficialmente el viernes 12 de febrero pasado- por el canal de TV [...]

Argentine Government intends to broadcast Professional Football League’s matches on TV Publica again

According to the information reported on the Argentine newspaper La Nacions official website on February 13th, the Argentine Government  made a formal request to TNT Sports and Fox to broadcast Professional Football Leagues -which has officially started on Friday February 12th- on the FTA TV channel TV Publica. The countrys Government had already expressed its [...]