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Amazon Prime Video launches trailer and announces premiere date for ‘El Presidente’

Amazon Prime Video released the official trailer for El Presidente, its new original production set in different countries in Latin America, Europe and the US, which will be released globally on Friday June 5th and will focus on the corruption acts made on the FIFA Gate, in 2015.  The series explores the sports event that [...]

Telecom Argentina supera el millón de Flow Boxes distribuidas y pierde suscriptores a TV paga

En su presentación de resultados del Q1 2020, Telecom Argentina superó el millón de Flow Boxes distribuídas. La cifra exacta asciende a 1.015 mil, y representa 49 mil STBs más que los 966 mil registrados al cierre de 2019. Asimismo, en comparación al Q1 2019, la compañía registró 413 mil Flow Boxes más distribuídas a [...]

Telecom Argentina records more than one million Flow Boxes distributed and loses pay TV subscribers

In its  Q1 2020 results report presentation, Telecom Argentina reported to have more than one million Flow Boxes distributed. The exact figure amounts to 1,015 thousand, and shows 49 thousand STBs more than the 966 thousand reported at the end of 2019. Likewise, compared to Q1 2019, the company recorded 413 thousand Flow Boxes more [...]

ViacomCBS Networks International promueve a Ezequiel Fonseca Zas a General Manager de servicios de streaming y mobile

ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) anunciò ayer que Ezequiel Fonseca Zas, ex SVP, Emerging Business de VCNI Americas, fue promovido al cargo de General Manager de servicios de streaming y mobile para Internacional.  Según reportó oficialmente VCNI, Fonseca Zas reportará a Pierluigi Gazzolo, Presidente de VCNI de Streaming y Studios en sus responsabilidades referidas a streaming, [...]

ViacomCBS Networks International promotes Ezequiel Fonseca Zas to General Manager of streaming services and mobile

ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) announced yesterday that Ezequiel Fonseca Zas, formerly Senior Vice President of Emerging Business for VCNI Americas, has been promoted to General Manager of Streaming and Mobile for International. According to what VCNI has officially reported, for his streaming responsibilities, Fonseca Zas will report to Pierluigi Gazzolo, VCNIs President for Streaming and [...]

Zimbabwe’s award-winning movie ‘Cook Off’ to be available on Netflix

Zimbabwes award-winning film, Cook Off, a 2017 comedy movie will soon be available on Netflix. Netflix is the worlds leading internet entertainment service attracting over 160 million subscribers. The comedy was produced by Joe Njagu, written and directed by Tomas Brickhill. It will feature Tendaiishe Chitima, Jessesi Mungoshi, Eddie Sandifolo, Chirikure Chirikure, and popular rapper [...]

NBCUniversal lanzará Peacock con nueve producciones originales

Peacock, el SVOD OTT de NCBUniversal, será lanzado el 15 de julio próximo con nueve producciones originales, según anunció oficialmente la compañía. La plataforma se suma al mercado OTT con Disney+, lanzada oficialmente en noviembre, y HBO Max, cuyo lanzamiento tendrá lugar el 27 de este mes. Hasta el momento Peacock no confirmó su fecha [...]

NBCUniversal to launch Peacock with nine original productions

Peacock, NCBUniversal’s SVOD OTT, will be officially launched on July 15th with nine original productions, as the company officially reported. The platform joins the OTT market together with Disney+, officially launched in November, and HBO Max, which will be released next May 27th. Up to now,  Peacock has not confirmed his arrival date in Latin [...]

Cartoon Network renews its OTT strategy with Cartoon Network App

Children’s TV channel Cartoon Network (Turner) announced the launch of a new OTT, which it called the Cartoon Network App, and brings together the brand’s best content in one place. As reported by the company through a promotional video, the platform brings together contents from CN GO and CN Ya (which operates in Brazil as [...]