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Sony dejará de comercializar TVs en Brasil a fines de marzo

La compañía multinacional japonesa Sony anunció este lunes 1° de marzo a través de sus redes sociales oficiales que pondrá fin a sus actividades comerciales en Brasil a finales de este mes, tal como lo había adelantado a mediados de septiembre de 2020. De este modo, la compañía dejará de vender  TVs, cámaras, equipos de [...]

Sony to stop marketing TVs in Brazil at the end of March

Japanese multinational company Sony has announced this Monday, March 1st, through its official social networks that it will finish its commercial activities in Brazil at the end of this month, as it had reported in mid-September 2020. This way, the company will stop selling TVs, cameras, audio devices and other products that are manufactured in [...]

Tech Choices for Connected TV App Development?

  By Espen Erikstad, Norigin Media –  Connected TV is on the rise; according to Norwegian public broadcaster (NRK), the usage has grown from 11% to 67% within the last 5 years. In order to have the widest possible reach or have the best quality apps on the large screen, OTT streaming services must make [...]

Your Guide to Smart TV Streaming Protocols, DRM & more!

  By Espen Erikstad, Norigin Media Streaming content from your Samsung or LG Smart TV, or any other model for that matter, looks much the same to you as an end-user. There are of course differences in quality (SD, HD, 4K, 8K), screen size (should you go for the 55, 65 or 75), and so [...]

The Guide to Analytics for OTT Streaming Services

By Sebastian Stehn, Norigin Media Streaming TV has existed for around 15 years on mobile, and now nearly a decade on Smart TV. There has been a huge amount of digital growth in this time, from the sheer amount of streaming services on offer, to a major shift in consumer behaviour. Such digital services offer [...]

SuperSport to provide live broadcasting of Ethiopian Premier League

SuperSport has secured the live broadcasting of Ethiopian Premier League for the next five seasons. Among the bidders are Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), DStv and Canal+.  SuperSport agreed to pay $2.7 million per year on a 5-year contract totalling $13.5 million while Canal+ on the other hand, bid $7 million for 5 years. No information [...]

Sony vai fechar fábrica em Manaus em 2021 e deixará de vender TVs no Brasil

A Sony Brasil anunciou nesta terça-feira, 15 de setembro, que irá fechar em março de 2021 a fábrica de Manaus, e que não vai mais vender TVs, câmeras digitais e produtos de áudio no Brasil em meados de 2021. Segundo nota divulgada pela empresa, as demais operações do grupo, que envolvem games, soluções profissionais, música [...]

Sony dejará de producir y vender TVs en Brasil desde mediados de 2021

La compañía multinacional japonesa Sony anunció oficialmente el 15 de septiembre el cierre de su filial de Manaus, Brasil, luego de casi 50 años de presencia en el país. La compañía informó que las actividades de producción finalizarán en marzo de 2021, y que a mediados del año próximo interrumpirán las ventas de TVs, cámaras, [...]

Sony to stop producing and selling TVs in Brazil from mid-2021

The Japanese multinational company Sony has officially announced last September 15th its decision to close its subsidiary in Manaus, Brazil, after almost 50 years operating in the country. The company reported that production activities will end in March next year, and that by mid-2021 will stop sales of TVs, cameras, audio devices and other products [...]