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Grupo Cablevisión totalizó 3,5 millones de suscriptores de TV por cable en 2018

En la presentación de su informe de resultados anuales al 31 de diciembre de 2018,  el número de abonados de TV por cable del Grupo Cablevisión totalizó casi 3,5 millones, y el ARPU mensual de CATV se incrementó en 36,4 puntos porcentuales con respecto a 2017. La compañía considera en esta cifra a la totalidad [...]

Cablevision Group totalizes 3.5 million cable TV subscribers in 2018

According to Cablevision Group annual  results report up to December 31st, 2018, the company totalized 3.5 million cable TV subscribers, and CATVs ARPU increased in 36.4 porcentual points compared with 2017. The company considers in this figure the total number of subscribers in Argentina and Uruguay. In the fourth quarter 2018, Cablevision continued adding titles [...]

Red Intercable contra el acuerdo de Conmebol y Facebook por Copa Libertadores

La Conmebol y Facebook celebraron un contrato en octubre de 2018 para la transmisión de algunos partidos de la Copa Libertadores en la red social entre 2019 y 2022. Según el acuerdo, los partidos que se disputen los jueves podrán ser vistos en Argentina únicamente vía Facebook.  El ingreso de la red social a las [...]

Red Intercable against Conmebol-Facebook agreement for Libertadores Cup releases

Conmebol and Facebook ran an agreement in October 2018 to broadcast  some Libertadores Cup matches on the social network between 2019 and 2022. According to it, those matches played on Thursdays can be watched in Argentina only through Facebook. Social networks entrance to sports broadcasts generated a statement from Red Intercable, an independent cable TV [...]

Millicom llegó a 3,1 millones de clientes de cable

Millicom sumó en el cuarto trimestre del año pasado  93 mil clientes orgánicos de HFC y otros 368 mil en Latinoamérica por las operaciones adquiridas a Cable Onda en Panamá, o sea un total de 461 mil clientes de cable para totalizar 3,1 millones al fin de 2018. De los nuevos clientes orgánicos, más de [...]

Millicom reached 3.1 million cable subscribers

In the fourth quarter 2018 Millicom added 93 thousand organic HFC clients and another 368 thousand in Latin America for the operations acquired from Cable Onda in Panama, that is, 461 thousand cable customers to totalize 3.1 million in 2018. From the new organic customers, more than a third belongs to Une-Tigo, in Colombia, where [...]

Ooredoo and Manateq to provide 5G infrastructure to logistics parks, industrial zones

Ooredoo has partnered with Economic Zones Company (Manateq) to provide its world-class 5G infrastructure that is set to transform Qatars logistics parks and industrial zones, as well as accelerate the countrys diversified economic growth. Across Qatar, Manateq is developing logistics parks and industrial zones, which offer various sizes of plots of land to the investors [...]

Zimbabwe’s Econet suspends internet services on government order

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the country’s largest mobile operator, its internet services had been cut off following an order from the government amid deadly protests in the country. “We are obliged to act when directed to do so and the matter is beyond our control,” Econet said in a text message to customers, adding that all [...]

Colombian Government approves Fox’s purchase by Disney

Colombian Industry and Commerce Superintendence approved the operation for the acquisition of Fox by Disney. According to investigations carried out by the organization, Disney would have less than 20% participation in entertainment, and would acquire leadership only in movies for theatres production and acquire, in which it would record a 28% participation. Operation includes audiovisual [...]