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Telkom to replace its copper local broadband infrastructure with fibre-to-the-home in South Africa

Telkom is planning to transition its subscribers from copper-based internet to fibre technology in all fibre-ready regions South Africa. The company explained that this change would definitely enhance speeds, lessen maintenance costs and fix the issue of copper cable theft. The Director of Product Development and Management of Telkom, Steven White, stated, Fibre is a [...]

iPlan lanza internet por FTTH en Rosario, Argentina

Luego de enfocar su negocio en la prestación de servicios para empresas, iPlan, compañía proveedora de servicios de telecomunicaciones & IT, anunció el lanzamiento de iPlan Liv una oferta de internet a través de una red FTTH, en la ciudad de Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina).   La oferta inicial del servicio residencial cuenta con una capacidad [...]

iPlan launches new internet through FTTH network offer in Rosario, Argentina

After focusing its business on providing services for companies, iPlan, a telecommunications & IT services supplier, announced the launch of iPlan Liv, an internet offer through an FTTH network, in Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina). The initial offer of the residential service includes 200Mbps, and is completed with 300 Mbps and 500 Mbps of bandwidth. During [...]

Nigeria’s MainOne to extend broadband capacity in West Africa

MainOne Cable, a Nigerian broadband-data company, intends to extend its West African operations to cater the increasing demand for connectivity amid the coronavirus pandemic. MainOne operates an undersea cable connecting West Africa to the rest of the world, will complete a data node in Ghana by the first quarter of 2021 and will build another [...]

Mobily Fiber services now accessible on all fixed networks in Saudi Arabia

Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily) will provide Mobily Fiber services following an arrangement to open broadband to offer fixed and fiber optic broadband services to 3.5 million homes. Mobily declared that the broadband services for fixed communication networks through fiber optics technology will offer subscribers with an exclusive experience of high-speed Internet, and a rich experience in [...]

Em parceria com Telebrás, Viasat lança banda larga residencial por satélite

A norte-americana Viasat lançou nesta terça-feira, 7 de julho, seu primeiro serviço no Brasil. Em parceria com a Telebrás, a companhia vai começar a oferecer internet banda larga por meio de satélite. A empresa promete atender todo o território nacional. Os primeiros pacotes da Viasat serão oferecidos em São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, [...]

Liquid Telecom extends its reach in Malawi

Pan-African telecoms company, Liquid Telecom will deliver VSAT connectivity services to mbora, a new social enterprise in Malawi that is offering free connectivity to people living and working in rural areas through community hubs. Each hub is tuned with broadband speeds of up to 36mbps, which allows mbora and its content partners to digitally deliver [...]

Telma and Ericsson introduce 5G network in Madagascar

Telma Madagascar has rolled out Madagascars first 5G network, via the network infrastructure supplied by Swedish tech giant, Ericsson. Telma introduced Madagascars first 5G consumer services using spectrum in the 3.6-3.7 GHz band, with the network going live on the 26th June 2020.  By rolling out 5G on the island, Telma forms part of the few [...]

Anatel y Ancine se unen por el combate de la piratería audiovisual en Brasil

La Agencia Nacional de Cine (Ancine) de Brasil, junto con la Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Anatel), establecieron un equipo para estudiar la posible regulación conjunta del bloqueo administrativo de sitios web que distribuyen contenido audiovisual sin la previa autorización de sus propietarios. La iniciativa se basa en proporcionar más agilidad y efectividad en la lucha [...]

Anatel and Ancine work together against audiovisual piracy in Brazil

Brazilian National Film Agency (Ancine), together with the countrys National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), established a team to evaluate the possible joint regulation of the administrative blocking of websites that distribute audiovisual content without the previous authorization of their owners. The initiative is based on providing more agility and effectiveness in the fight against piracy, since [...]