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Seacom introduced fibre service ‘WonderNet’ in SA

Seacom rolled out its fibre service, WonderNet which will offer a new level of customer experience in the home fibre market. WonderNet offers a range of packages starting from 10Mbps through to 1Gbps. All packages contain a standard Wi-Fi enabled router, without upfront costs and which can be purchased on a month-to-month option. There is [...]

Telecom Argentina supera el millón de Flow Boxes distribuidas y pierde suscriptores a TV paga

En su presentación de resultados del Q1 2020, Telecom Argentina superó el millón de Flow Boxes distribuídas. La cifra exacta asciende a 1.015 mil, y representa 49 mil STBs más que los 966 mil registrados al cierre de 2019. Asimismo, en comparación al Q1 2019, la compañía registró 413 mil Flow Boxes más distribuídas a [...]

Telecom Argentina records more than one million Flow Boxes distributed and loses pay TV subscribers

In its  Q1 2020 results report presentation, Telecom Argentina reported to have more than one million Flow Boxes distributed. The exact figure amounts to 1,015 thousand, and shows 49 thousand STBs more than the 966 thousand reported at the end of 2019. Likewise, compared to Q1 2019, the company recorded 413 thousand Flow Boxes more [...]

Facebook to collaborate with telecom operators to build internet infrastructure in Africa

Facebook will partner with a group of telecoms operators to build Africas internet infrastructure.  Facebook stated in a statement that it will partner with six other companies including China Mobile International, Telecom Egypt and Vodafone to construct what they are calling “2Africa.” The project will build a massive 22,990-mile-long undersea cable around Africa, which the [...]

Liquid Telecom provides unlimited high capacity broadband across East Africa

Liquid Telecom will be supporting its Hai home fibre customers (Hai powered by Liquid Telecom) with unlimited high capacity broadband in order to help people who are working and learning from home or remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The network provider is providing this upgrade to current home fibre users for free in order [...]

Globo reduz qualidade de vídeo para viabilizar tráfego na Internet

Diante da crise do coronavírus (covid-19), a plataforma de vídeos sob demanda over-the-top da Globo vai reduzir a qualidade dos vídeos para “garantir estabilidade do streaming”. Segundo a empresa anunciou no domingo, 22, o Globoplay acabará temporariamente com a opção de vídeos em 4K e Full HD (1080p). A medida começou a valer a partir [...]

Subtel solicita a operadores chilenos un informe sobre el comportamiento de sus redes ante aumento del uso de banda ancha

La Subsecretaría de Comunicaciones de Chile (Subtel) solicitó a Claro, Entel, Mundo Pacífico, GTD, Movistar, VTR y WOM, entre otras, a que informen sobre el comportamiento de sus redes y planes de trabajo ante el aumento del 30% en el uso de internet en hogares que se detectó en el país ante la propagación del [...]

Subtel asks Chilean operators for a report on the behavior of their networks due to broadband use increasement

The Chilean Communications Subsecretary (Subtel) asked Claro, Entel, Mundo Pacífico, GTD, Movistar, VTR, WOM and others, to report on the behavior of their networks and work plans due to a 30% increasement in Internet use in homes that was detected in the country because of the spread of the Coronavirus. The Chilean regulator asked the [...]

Telecom Argentina registra casi un millón de STBs de Flow distribuidos

En la presentación de resultados del Q4 2019, Telecom Argentina reportó 966 mil STBs de Flow distribuidos. La cifra en cuestión representa 416 mil STBs más que los registrados al Q4 2018, cuando la cifra ascendía a 550 mil. Asimismo, entre el Q3 y el Q4 2019, la compañía distribuyó 95 mil Flow boxes, ya [...]

Telecom Argentina records almost one million Flow STBs in Q4 2019

On its Q4 2019 results report presentation, Telecom Argentina reported 966 thousand Flow STBs distributed. The figure means 416 thousand STBs more than those recorded in Q4 2018, when the figure amounted to 550 thousand. Likewise, between Q3 and Q4 2019, the company distributed 95 thousand Flow boxes, as it went from 871 thousand to [...]