Caracol TV launches eSports platform Volk in Colombia

Officially launched yesterday, Volk, the new Caracol TV’s eSports and videogames platform, is now available. Presented during the Salon de Ocio y Fantasia de Bogota (SOFA) tenth edition, Volk will become the first community that will bring all casual and non-casual gamers of the country together, through the realization of face-to-face and virtual tournaments, and another events aimed at creating a gamer culture in Colombia.

‘We will feature great tournaments. We will talk about the latest updates in the eSports and video games world. We will enjoy each title together with gameplays and build the gamer culture in Colombia’, is reported in the launch announcement published on Volk’s official Instagram account.

Caracol Televisión reported that, starting in November, other recognized publishers and partners  in the tournaments organization, which will be virtual at first, will join Volk.

In addition, and in the medium term, Volk intends to position itself in the market as a Gaming Studio, defined as an entertainment holding that creates eSports content on a digital and face-to-face platform, adding the possibility of doing activities for other brands.