Caracol TV from Colombia expands to Mexico

Caracol TV, the open TV signal and audiovisual content producer from Colombia, announced that it will open a division in Mexico for the development of new projects. After having confirmed its collaboration with Netflix for the next series about the life of Mexican musician Vicente Fernández, the network decided to expand abroad.

Catalina Porto, Executive Production Manager of Caracol TV, took over as President of the new Caracol Estudios México and explained that the new division will be able to “print the Caracol TV quality seal” and “ensure compliance with all local regulations”.
Meanwhile, authorities from the channel announced: “The history of more than 50 years of Caracol TV in the production of content in Colombia, the artistic and cultural influence that Mexico has historically had in Colombia and the benefits and competitive advantages that Mexico offers, raise a favorable scenario to work together to strengthen the regional market and, in this way, make it stronger, more attractive and competitive in the international one”.