Caracol to develop female series based on the Conquest of America

The Colombian FTA TV channel Caracol Television, together with 360 Powwow and Isla Audiovisual, ran an agreement to co-develop the project ‘No llegaron solos’, a series that will tell the story of Catalina de Erauso (also known as ‘La Monja Alferez’) , a woman of ancestry who pretended to be a man from her youth until the end of her days, to live with the freedom that only men were allowed during the conquest of America. On her way, she will meet other women who, like her, went on board towards the continent.

‘We met last year with Powwow and Isla Audiovisual and we magically agreed on the need to tell this story. The series goes far beyond Catalina de Erauso. It focuses on showing the Spanish conquest of America from a different point of view: the female one. Just as the history they teach us is that of the victors , so far we have only heard the history of men. If we add to this a team of writers of three nationalities (Colombia, Spain and Argentina), we are convinced that it will be a success’, said Catalina Porto, Executive Manager Production at Caracol Television.

‘No llegaron solos’ production team will feature Dago Garcia (Production VP at Caracol Television), Daniel Gutman (CEO at 360 Powwow) and Victor Garcia (CEO at Isla Audiovisual). Ana María Parra will leading the writers team, together with Natacha Caravia and Andrés Gelos (Powwow) and Manuel Sanabria, Creative Director at Isla.

‘It is a premium adventures and intrigues series that features several simultaneous dialogues between cultures, times and sociological issues. We suggest not only to restore the quiet voices of the women of the Conquest but, above all, to give those voices the opportunity to add their word and their shout in the choir of contemporary female empowerment. It is a privilege that Caracol has trusted Isla and Powwow to join them in this phenomenal creative challenge’, said Daniel Gutman, CEO at 360 Powwow.

Víctor Garcia, CEO at Isla Audiovisual, added: ‘Up to now, the story has been silenced. But our societies current times requires us to make women voices like Catalina de Erauso, Isabel Barreto, María Alvarez de Toledo, Maria de Estrada and many others heard. Five centuries ago, they  already proved to have much more courage, sensitivity and intelligence than many of the men they went along with. In Isla, we are proud to participate in ‘No llegaron solos’, both for the story we are going to tell and for having the opportunity to make this trip joining professionals such as Catalina, Dago, Daniel, Ana María, Natacha and Andres’.