CANTV’s DTH service launches HD channel

La Tele Tuya (TLT) has become the first channel in HD quality to launch on CNTV’s DTH service in Venezuela. It is available on channel 602 of the operator’s lineup.
“Today we take a new step by becoming the first Venezuelan channel to broadcast in HD, 24/7 through CANTV Satelital” the company said through a statement released on its website.
In turn, Iñaki Aznar, VP of engineering of TLT, explained: “Since its inception, TLT started as a HD channel, and while in Venezuela there have been other experiences, it is the first channel that works 24/7 in high definition. With the CANTV Satellite HD, our viewers will enjoy a higher resolution on the screen.”
According to CANTV, to access La Tele Tuya in HD, subscribers must restart their decoders, connect an HDMI cable to the TV and then select channel 602.