Canela.TV grows 600% in users in Mexico in five months

The free streaming platform Canela.TV achieved five months of operating in Mexico and reached six million users throughout the country, representing a growth of 600%, which it attracted with its offer of more than 25 thousand hours of content. Currently, it’s in the top 10 channels of Samsung TV Plus, and its popularity continues to rise.

The service model consists of a VOD catalogue that offers free content for the online public with the inclusion of programmatic advertisements, a market that recently captivated many operators

 “It is important to mention that the constant growth of Canela.TV is due to the programmatic advertising offer, which has allowed us to place ads, according to the content and data analysis of each user through artificial intelligence tools and first party data ( data collected from own sources), without saturating the user with high commercial loads”, Germán Palomares, Country Manager of Canela.TV, explained. 

As reported from the platform, it’s estimated that by the end of the year 2 million more subscribers will be integrated, with which the application could approach 10 million sessions, which means the number of times an account enters the app.