Canal+ partners with Qotto to offer solar powered TV in Benin

The solar home system provider Qotto Benin has collaborated with Canal+, a French company specialized in the distribution of pay TV channels. The two companies will provide the “Mivoo+” kit, together with decoders, satellite dishes and a “special package”.

Qotto Benin is now part of the list of Canal+ partners for solar-powered television in Africa.

The “Mivoo” solar kit was launched in August 2020 by Qotto Benin and will now be associated with the various Canal+ products. The system comprises of a 100-Watt solar panel, two 480-Watt batteries, three LED bulbs and USB ports for recharging mobile phones. The “Mivoo” kit will be offered with a 22-inch television set, a Canal+ decoder and a satellite dish. This agreement will offer the population the chance to have a three-year subscription to a “special” Canal+ package of 175 TV and radio channels.

The “Mivoo +” kit, a new offer from Qotto Benin and Canal+ will be available from December 2020. The solar home systems provider will use pay-as-you-go (pay-per-use) to enable the distribution of the “Mivoo +” kit to households in rural, per-urban and urban areas.