Cablevision Flow now available through Antel in Uruguay

Cablevision Flow, available in Uruguay since 2017 on mobile phones, tablets and PCs, is now also available on TVs in the country through the Antel FTTH services.

‘We are proud to launch this new Cablevision Flow stage in Uruguay. Our aim is to always put our customers at the center and give an answer to their needs. Therefore, we work to improve their experience, and now they can enjoy all these contents, not only on mobile devices, but also from their homes’, said Guillermo Valente, General Manager at Cablevision Uruguay. ‘It is a great challenge for us to have the possibility of reaching new customers with this product, and it is great news to do it with Antel as our partner’, he added.

Partnership between Cablevision Uruguay and Antel will allow Flow access through the Uruguayan telco ‘Fibra en tu hogar’ internet service plan. Customers with this internet plans across the country can add a Flow STB into their TV sets to acess Flow’s content catalog on that screen too.

As Cablevisión Uruguay officially reported, in a first stage, Flow’s new proposal will be available not only in cities where Cablevision is present with all its products, but also in other Metropolitan Area regions with FTTH deployment, to later extend the offer to the rest of the country. In addition, the new STB version has YouTube and Netflix apps integrated into the platform.