Cablevision adds Disney+ into Flow STBs in Uruguay

Pay TV operator Cablevision Uruguay (Telecom) has officially announced through its website that it has added Disney+, Disney’s new SVOD OTT, launched in Latin America on November 17th, with a promotion that allows its customers to access the platform for free for an initial period of up to 90 days.

Access to Disney+ can be done both from the Flow STB (called ‘Flow Box’), as well as by paying the OTT monthly subscription on the operator’s invoice. In the case of Uruguay, the offer is valid for all customers who have the Flow Box hired.

This way, Cablevision strengthens the strategy it announced for its clients in Argentina at the beginning of November, through which its TV clients, as well as those of Cablevision Flow (OTT), and those of the mobile telephone operator Personal (Telecom Argentina)  can also access Disney+ catalog. In Argentina, Cablevision, Flow and Personal clients can also access the platform for free during an initial period, although its duration changes, according to the plan that each client has hired.

Since its arrival at Latin America, Disney has implemented strategic partnerships with several operators in the region to promote access to its new SVOD OTT. As reported days ago from The Walt Disney Company, the platform, originally launched in the US on November 12th, 2019, already features almost 95 million subscribers globally, a figure that exceeded the company’s expectations, since it was expected to have a similar number of subscribers by 2023.