Cable carriage fees to be levied on Lebanese cable operators

Lebanese cable operators will soon have to pay distribution fee to carry the country’s eight major TV channels, declared Alain Hakim, Lebanon’s Economy Minister.

Lebanese stations, namely, Tele Liban, LBCI, MTV, Future TV, Al-Manar, NBN, OTV and Al-Jadeed, began to push for a fee on cable providers in exchange for access to their content in March this year. Last week, cable providers stopped broadcasting two local channels, LBCI , and Al-Jadeed, in protest of the move.

“They pay for OSN and beIN but not for our content, even though we attract more than 75% of viewers during prime time,” said Pierre Daher, chairman of LBCI’s board of directors. “Cable companies charge a monthly fee amounting to around USD 15 per subscriber. We want them to pay us a chunk of that money.”