Brazilian TV network Loading cancels its operations six months after its launch

According to information reported on several specialized websites in Brazil, the ‘Loading’ TV  channel, originally launched in the country in December 2020, and focused on esports, anime, series and other entertainment content for youth audiences, has canceled its entire original programming grid at the end of May, and fired 50 employees. Up to now, the channel continues to broadcast contents that were already part of its programming grid.

Regarding the future of the channel, several Brazilian websites report that the Jovem Pan group, which is also planning to launch its TV project, has made an offer to buy the frequency of the Kalunga Group, company that owns Loading. Although the negotiations would be advanced, the news has not been officially confirmed yet. To develop its broadcasts, the Kalunga Group acquired the facilities of MTV in Brazil, but gave up the investment due to lack of profitability.

The specialized website Esports Observer has reported on May 27th that, according to a ‘source familiar with the situation’,  they have heard rumors that Loading was struggling with finances due to the lack of advertising sales. In addition, and always according to the website, the Loading management informed employees that it would be shutting down its operations, and no original productions and live programs would be aired anymore.

During the first months of 2021, Loading had started its expansion plans in Brazil, through a partnership with Stena Media. The first projects that had been confirmed were an agreement with the pay TV operator Oi (Grupo Oi), to enable the channel in its DTH and IPTV operations and its OTT platform (Oi Play); another partnership with Vivo (Telefonica); and another with Booyah!, streaming platform focused on gaming content.