Brazilian pay TV loses almost 170 thousand subscribers in April

Pay TV in Brazil continues adding cancellations. According to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) of that country, during the last 12 month-period, the cancellations number recorded 899.36 thousand homes. This way, Brazil closed  April with 17.17 million subscribing homes, and 168.94 thousand cancellations related to March.

According to figures from April 2019 published by Anatel, the largest pay TV operators in Brazil are Claro (with 8.34 million subscriptions and concentrates 48.85% of the market), Sky (5.12 million customers and a market concentration of 29.97%), Oi (1.59 million subscriptions and 9.32% market share) and Vivo (1.50 million subscribers and a market concentration of 8.8% ). Of the companies mentioned, the only one to experience growth in the last 12 months was Oi, which added 61.65 thousand subscribers. In addition, Oi was also the only company to present growth rates in April. During that month, it added 3.14 thousand residential customers, which means a 0.2% increasement in its subscriber base compared with March.

Anatel also presented figures on the Small Port Providers, which account for 3% of the market and provide pay TV to 521.63 thousand Brazilian residences. Figures presented reflected a reduction of 93.57 thousand subscriptions (that is, 15.21% less) in the last year. The agency noted that the country’s independent operators grew by 3.35% (that is, they totaled 11.52 thousand customers) in the same period.